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Leatherart is a site telling about the warmth and plasticity enveloped in leather - the material that feels so tough, strong and sound, and yet is so elegant and warm.

Leather, due to its qualities, finds a use in various pieces of work. The leather is what inspired Penko Vitanov to go into the art of harness making. His talent for drawing coupled with his love for horses and the boundless world of the movies, lies at the root of his professional development.
The start could be traced back to his teens when Penko Vitanov, having been powerfully swayed by the grace and nobility of horses, indulged in horse riding. In 1980, as fate had willed it, he met the Dimitar Kehayov's group of stunt performers at the Boyana Film Studio. That marks the beginning of his career into the movies.

The first film for which he made western saddles is "Falshifikatorat ot cherniya koz".

In late 80s Penko Vitanov worked for two of the most emblematic productions of the Bulgarian film industry, "Pod igoto" and "Vreme razdelno", the latter having won a number of prizes at international festivals, wherein Penko Vitanov participated with a great number of harness and leather items.

Concurrent with his work in the film industry, Penko Vitanov developed his skills in horse riding which in Bulgaria lacked that abundance of harness and facilities at that time.

Since 1985 Penko Vitanov has been a member of the Masters Labor Society, and has proved his undeniable talent.

In after years he worked for a number of Bulgarian productions such as "Khan Asparuh", "Zlatniyat vek" ("The Golden Age"), "Boris", "Denyat na vladetelite" (The Day of the Kings and Queens"), "Semeystvo Karastoyanovi" (The Karastoyanovi Family"), "The Children of Captain Grant", etc.

During the times of transition, and due to the fall the Bulgarian film, his work in the sphere of the film industry was at a standstill, and the most of his work was for horse riding.

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